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This special first weeks together. Often your whole life is turned upside down. Recovering from giving birth, family and friends over, feedings, changing diapers, getting to know your baby, broken nights, perhaps insecurities or managing life with your children. Sometimes you're on the pink cloud and sometimes, let's face it, it's intense. But anyway, one thing is for sure: it goes very fast and your baby also changes every single day. And before you know, you don't have a newborn anymore and you just forget what it was like. Those first days with your baby. Together on the bed or in bath. (Breast) feeding. Those baby feet. With the big brother or sister. Or with your dog. I document all these during a newborn session, so once all that hectic is gone, you can sit back and enjoy all those memories captured.

And did you know that I also make a short film which you can be used as a digital birth announcement?

Natural and authentic newborn sessions – that's what I focus on as a birth photographer. If you're looking for a non-posed newborn session, you've come to the right place. But what is the difference between a lifestyle and a posed newborn session?

A posed newborn session is a traditional approach that focuses on styled and posed photos of your newborn. Carefully selected settings and poses are used to create the perfect image. The result is often cute but anything but real and realistic.

On the other hand, a documentary motherhood session offers a more spontaneous and natural approach. Within the first week after birth, as a birth photographer, I capture the real and unfiltered moments. This is about capturing real emotions, interactions and the very first special moments of you as a family. There is no posing, but I observe and photograph as daily life unfolds.

My goal with a lifestyle newborn session is to tell your story. I capture the little details like feeding the baby, changing diapers and the tender cuddling moments. In this way, a sincere and beautiful image of your first days as new parents is created.

This session is to create a beautiful memory of a period that often passes in a blur. The photos take you back to all those moments, the love you experienced as a family.

So, if you're looking for a lifestyle newborn session in Amsterdam and the surrounding area that captures your story in an authentic way, I'm here to help. Feel free to contact me and let's create wonderful memories together that will last a lifetime.

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