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And this is what matters! To me birth photography is all about your power and unconditional love. This is the most special day of your life. Your baby's birth story. Your birth story. Long or short, at home or in hospital, medical or hands-off. In the water or via c-section. Twins or maybe triplets. Single parent or parents with a surrogate mother. A premature or a rainbow baby. Every story matters. And most of all, your birth journey.

I am a passionate birth photographer with over 11 years of experience, working in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Utrecht and the surrounding area. My goal is to capture the precious moments of birth in a unique and emotional way. As the most experienced birth photographer in this region, I've had the privilege of capturing countless beautiful births.

Whether it's a caesarean section, a home birth or a bath birth, I make sure I'm discreetly present to capture the intimate moments without disturbing the natural flow of the birth process. I understand the sensitivity and importance of these moments and I always respect the wishes of the parents.

With my experience I know exactly how to capture the story of your birth in an authentic and emotional way. I not only capture the birth itself, but also the emotions, the love and the connection between you as a family. These memories will be cherished forever.

Contact me today as there are only a few spots available per month.

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